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It’s not easy to gather high-quality leads, but it’s a necessity, nonetheless. This is in part because potential customers and clients are not always willing to provide their personal information, especially if they don’t have a lot of details about the business just yet.

Once they have everything they need and have reached out to you, though, you have to be prepared, especially if they have clarifications or other concerns. This is where online live chat and chatbots come in. However, which one is better in lead generation?

Chatbots vs Live Chat

Live chats are available when a visitor is on your homepage, though it only works if there is a person at the other end of the line. It doesn’t guarantee 24/7 response as live chat agents will most likely clock out at the end of the workday. In addition, there is a chance for delay if they can’t immediately reply to the visitor’s message because they may be addressing another visitor’s concern.

Chatbots, on the other hand, answer all of the challenges of live chat. In terms of cost-efficiency, bots are a better option. It can also be programmed to replace static forms on your site for when the visitor is ready to convert, so it can collect the information you need to move them through the next stages of the buying process.

However, regardless of the chat widget you choose, both are effective in lead generation as long as the visitors get the content that they need to make converting a lot easier. There are many ways to get a chatbot for lead generation such as via conversingbot. Email [email protected]