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How Chatbots Automate HR Recruitment

HR Job Vacancy Chatbot


THE process of recruiting qualified individuals for an organization can sometimes be a difficult task for HR. This is because, a lot of  job applicants desperately apply for job positions without meeting the key qualifications and this lead to sending hundreds of applications HR’s office. The effect is that HR spends too much time on the recruitment process namely screening applications to be sure the right candidates are arranged for interview. As we can’t entirely blame job applicants in dire need of employment, technology has not provided specific solutions aimed at reducing the time spent on job application screening. This is a case of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness confronting the very department responsible for time management.. How can chatbots automate HR recruitment so that less time is spent on the process to achieve a better desirable results?

We may therefore ask the following questions. How can HR handle the floods of endless application letters and select the best candidate for the ideal job? How can the long hours spent on recruitment be reduced and spent on conducting only quality interviews? And how can the recruitment process be simplified to enable job seekers apply for jobs faster and effectively? The answer lies in an innovative solutions driven by automation – technology.

The Problem identified

According to KPMG UK, HR can drive the automation agenda in some 7 ways. The third way according to KPMG calls for a change in HR practices. The article states: “Start small, but start now. Consider aspects of the business that could benefit from being automated. HR may be a good place to start – companies such as Unilever have benefited from introducing chat bots to deal with basic HR queries, freeing up the rest of the team to deal with more complex queries or work on more strategic projects”

We couldn’t agree more. One area needing an urgent change in HR is the traditional way recruitment is being done. Automation can really help innovate and simplify the process for efficiency. The best technology that is capable of addressing the problem is Artificial Intelligence, to be precise conversational chatbot. Upon conducting a thorough research in to the recruitment process, the HR Job Vacancy Chatbot was created. How can Chatbots automate HR Recruitment?

How it Works

First of all, the chatbot is an AI conversational tool that interacts with job applicants and it is programmed to collect applicants’ particulars as quickly as possible. This is flowed by an internal screening process where applicants are shown the job requirement before they are allowed to submit both CV and Cover letter. Then the critical moment comes for the applicant to schedule his own interview. Since every HR Department plans ahead with interviews in mind, the chatbot will program specific interview periods to guide applicants to book their own interviews days and time (for example a company can plan conducting  interview in December between 1 and 10, 2019).

Important: Before applicants book for interview,  they must confirm if they meet the minimum key job qualifications ( such as academic qualification and work experience ). Responding YES or NO indicates the applicant qualify or Not before interview booking can be entered. This YES or NO confirmation layer is the best part of the process, it is programmed to do automatic screening of your applicants ensuring that, only qualified applicants respond to your vacant job position.

Benefits of using automation

What are the benefits of using chatbots to automate HR recruitment? For one thing the process is conversational for job applicants so they understand the process from start to finish. They also have the opportunity to apply for employment in just under 5 minutes and then wait for interview confirmation date from HR later. Another benefit is that, applicants respond to questions asked by the chatbot and notification of same are sent to HR in the back office. These responses can not be altered, but can be verified any time needed during the interview or thereafter. Above all, applicants are free to select their own convenient time to attend interview.

The HR on the other hand benefits in many ways. The HR Job Vacancy Chatbot is capable of completing the recruitment process 95%. Floods of unwanted application letters sent to HR under the traditional method is now controlled when the chatbot is used because the system is self screening. In this case, only fewer qualified applications end up in the inbox of HR and this are individuals who have self-screened themselves for interview. It is however likely that, applicants may book more interviews for a particular day than HR can handle. This is what HR now focuses on, confirming interviews and conducting quality interviews. Do you love this innovative idea about how Chatbots Automate HR Recruitment?

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