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How to do Dropshipping Outside USA with Stripe recommended by Ecommerce Integrity

How to do dropshipping outside USA with Stripe is a challenge for many people. How can this challenge be resolved? The good news is that, now it does not matter where you live in the world, you can use Stripe for your ecommerce business provided you are able to register an LLC in the USA. Follow below our step by step guide to lunch your dropshipping business today:

  1. Register your LLC in the USA :- It is advisable to start this process first before anything else, since you need EIN from the IRS for your Stripe registration
  2. Place order for your Alidropship Custom Store or Buy Alidropship Plugin and build your dropshipping website yourself. This must be your step 2. Do not wait for the EIN before you start this process. Website development takes time. You will need the website address for your stripe payment gateway registration. Remember to complete the website profile with your USA LLC details such as your LLC name, USA phone number and USA business address as soon as these details become available.
  3. Open your USA bank account: Get your Payoneer bank account ready before you open your Stripe and Flutterwave payment gateway accounts.
  4. Obtain your USA telephone numbers:- Get your USA phone number ready before you open your Stripe and Flutterwave payment gateway accounts.
  5. Register your USA business address:- Get your USA business address ready before you open your Stripe and Flutterwave payment gateway accounts.
  6. Register your USA payment gateway (Stripe and Flutterwave):- At this point, you will need your business registration documents including your EIN, USA phone number as well as your USA business address to be able to do a successful a successful registration.

Important Note: Some account registrations require mobile phone SMS verification. If you live outside the USA, your local mobile phone may not work. In this regard, you will need to buy a special USA phone number – SMS for Bank and institution verification 

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