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Register USA Company

If you are thinking how to start an LLC in the USA, then use our registration guide to help you get a complete business kit from the USA. It is legal and everyone can do it

Step 1 – Register USA Company


To register USA Company as LLC or Corporation has always been an option for business entrepreneurs depending on their business needs and aspirations. For many an offshore company registration means asset protection and low tax payments. But for many however though, it is not easy to decide which type of business whether to go in for an LLC or to form a Corporation. If you are one man or just a few of you, it is best to go for an LLC, whereas a Corporation will be best fit for a large business members. LLC has more the best tax advantage and the process is less involving. An LLC can be formed in just a day though the EIN will have to be issued on a later day. We recommend Delaware Business Incorporators

It is not a complex thing to form a company in the USA. We always recommend that anyone registering an a business in the USA use the services of a registered Agent in the who has the expertise in company formation. We trust the services of Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. (DBI) to be one of the best Agents in the USA.  The choice is yours, whether to form an LLC or a Corporation e.t.c

DELAWARE LLC Registration recommended by Ecommerce Integrity

STEP 2 – Obtain Your USA Phone Numbers

Ecommerce Integrity - Onesimcard for the business entrepreneurPlacing a USA phone number on your online business is essential for customer trust and confidence. For convenience, use toll free numbers so making calls do not become a burden to your customers. When it comes to selecting phone service providers, service providers are not reliable. Others are way too expensive such that, entrepreneurs are unable to use their services. What is our recommendation when it comes to obtaining your US phone number. We have always recommend that business people use the services of Onesimcard.

When you place an order for your Onesimcard, an actual SIM card is shipped to you no matter where you live on the globe. This is a GSM SIM card that works on any unlocked phone device. It comes in 3 in 1 SIM card: Nano SIM, Micro SIM and Regular SIM. Any country phone number can be purchased. To summarize, Onesimcard comes with:

An Actual SIM Card
A Universal SIM
US and Canada Toll Free, VoIP enabled
Personal Extra Numbers (PENs)
USA – SMS for Bank verification, VoIP and SMS

The beauty of the Onesimcard service is that, no matter where you live in the world, you will receive calls on your store from US and Canada as if you live in these countries.


Step 3 – Obtain Your USA Bank Account

USA Payoneer Bank Account recommended

If you live in the US, you may not difficulties opening a US bank account. For a non US citizen however, the story is different when it comes to opening a USA bank account. One way people have managed to opened a USA offshore bank account is to appoint someone living in the US to be a member of the LLC at the time the formation of the company . The person must have SSN to qualify to open a bank account for the company. Another option is to use the services of Agencies who can charge very expensive fees to get your USA bank account opened. Though it is possible for such agencies to get the bank account opened, issues of trust have been reported with such transactions, for that matter we recommend to our site visitors to be careful in dealing with agencies with regard to this option.

Note: Currently, US banks do not open bank accounts for foreigners, without the individual account holder(s) being physically present to sign papers at the bank, at least I know it is almost impossible. So which USA bank account do we recommend for non US citizens? We highly recommend Payoneer Bank  Account, this is free to open from your current location.

Payoneer though falls under a virtual banking category, it provides an actual USA checking bank account that is fully functional. The account should be open as an individual bank account. When you receive payment to your Payoneer bank account, you will decide to either transfer the money to your local bank account or withdraw it at ATMs globally using your Payoneer MasterCard. See Payoneer dashboard.

Payoneer USA bank account


Step 4 – Obtain Your USA Business Address – Clevvermail

USA business Address - Clevvermail recommended

You may decide to register your USA business address in any of the US states. But it will be logical to register your business address in the state where you have registered your company. Get started here with Clevvermail and register your USA Business address. Why chose Clevvermail for your USA Business Registered Address? Clevvermail provides an actual Physical Business address for your company and this is 100% legal. You can use the address on all official company documents as well as register your company on those addresses with the state authorities.