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Start Dropshipping on Ecommerce Dropshipping Platform


Let us begin by asking, what is dropshipping? Dropshipping takes place on an ecommerce dropshipping platform. It is a type of ecommerce business in which the seller does not keep stocks of goods he displays for sale. Any time he sells, he transfers the buyer’s orders/shipment details to the manufacturer or the wholesaler, who then ships the goods to the buyer on seller’s behalf. Dropshippers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and the retail price.

Let us illustrate it. Judisa in Germany listed an Aliexpress product on his website for sale at the price of $10 instead of the actual price $4. Hilda from the USA has purchased the product and waiting for the shipment to be effected. Judisa quickly goes online and buys the actual product from Aliexpress at $4. He purchased the product with Hilda’s shipping address so the Seller can ship the product to Hilda. In this transaction, Judisa has made a profit of $6. In fact, Judisa has listed many products and have sold them out by this method over and over again. For the best results, we will introduce you to some known dropshipping platform to start your dropshipping business.

Alidropship Platform

Alidropship is one of the biggest ecommerce dropshipping platforms in the industry and we strongly recommend it. A good dropshipping platform provides all the needed tools necessary to setup and run a profitable business. It also has a responsive support system in place to keep your business growing steadily.

One may start dropshipping with Alidropship platform in 2 easy ways. You have the options to use:

  1. Alidropship Plugin OR 
  2. Alidropship Custom Web Store Build for you – Highly recommended

Use Alidropship Plugin 

If you buy a plugin, you will have to do your own website and upload it with products using alidropship plugin.

Ecommerce Integrity recommends Alidropshi plugins

You get the following:

  • Plugin is a one time payment
  • Dropshipping WordPress Plugin with simple installation
  • Built in themes & full customization
  • Auto updating system to keep your inventory fresh
  • Full automation to make you money while you sleep

Use Alidropship Custom Web Store Built for you

If you buy the custom web store, you will get a complete dropshipping store built for you to start selling on the go.

Ecommerce Integrity - recommends alidropship custom store

You get the following:

  • One time payment
  • Custom store built by our team of experts
  • Fully loaded with your niche products and ready for launch
  • Lifelong personal support and free updates on the go
  • Proven strategies to run and promote your new business – Add-ons

Whether you build your own website or Alidropship build a custom website for you, you will need a payment gateway. To better understand the importance of payment gateway in ecommerce dropshipping, the need for an LLC registration etc, please read more HERE

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