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Start Dropshipping

I WANT TO start Dropshipping business you say. Yes, that is possible no matter your current location. Follow our simple but proven guide to start your dropshipping business today. First as shown below, register your company as LLC in the USA and proceed to follow through with the rest of the steps to finish. This way, you can use Stripe in Alidropship business even if you live outside the USA. However, if you have other payment gateway service providers that works with alidropship, you have no need of register an LLC. In that case, skip any steps that does not apply to you. There are 6 steps to starting a successful drop shipping and they are as follows.

Ecommerce Integrity - Recommends USA LLC registration

Step 1- Register Your LLC In The USA Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. (DBI)

Every eCommerce business is established with the right type of business documentation and for that matter, ecommerce dropshipping is no exception. The right business registration documents must be obtained to register a dropshipping business successfully. This is where many people find a challenge. In most cases, local (your country) business registration document is not accepted by international payment gateway service providers who play a vital role in the ecommerce industry.

If the payment gateway company comes from the USA, then the business applying to use its services must be registered in the USA to qualify and be accepted. The same applies to the bank to be used for connecting the account. Sometimes, a payment gateway company operates in more than one country, and so will accept businesses registered in those countries only. This is the main reason why most ecommerce dropshippers decide to register their LLC in the USA so that it will be easier to connect a reputable payment gateway service provider.

LLC is the most popular choice for those interested in ecommerce dropshipping because even one man can file particulars for registration. It can take the same day to file and get your LLC registered in the USA, however, the Business Identification Number known as the EIN will not be issued the same day by the IRS. Note that, EIN is your company tax identity, and it is key to all major applications. We always recommend that those registering an LLC use the services of a registered Agent in the USA who has the expertise in company formation. At Ecommerce Integrity, we trust and recommend the services of Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. (DBI). They are one of the best Agents in the USA.  What is the next step? Register for your Gold Delaware LLC Package

Delaware LLC registration guide 

Delaware LLC guide recommended for ecommerce dropshippers

Next Click on International & Offshore Services >> 

Delaware LLC guide for ecommerce dropshippers recommended

Next click on International LLC Package to see package comparison

Delaware LLC for ecommerce dropshippers

Next scroll down to view Gold Delaware LLC Package. This is the package comes with an EIN you need to complete your applications. Platinum package is not what you need to start our dropshipping model.

Delaware LLC recommended by ecommerce Integrity - Alidropship

Step 2 – Set Up Your Dropshipping Store – Alidroship


Start dropshipping recommended by ecommerce integrity

Many individuals have tried hands on all kinds of ecommerce dropshipping models without success. If you personally had such an experience in the past, then this time, Ecommerce Integrity will make your dream come true. Why is Ecommerce Integrity the right partner for ecommerce dropshipping? We guide you stet by step with no guess works.

When it comes to ecommerce dropshipping, the best approach is to make an investment in your own dropshipping website and have a lifetime ownership. If 300 USD is all you have to start dropshipping business, it will be wise to invest it in your own dropshipping website. Do not put the money in paid subscription dropshipping platforms. We will help you setup a dropshipping website and begin selling at your own pace. You will soon master to develop more and more stores as you see your business grow. The question then is which dropshipping platform is the best to join? At Ecommerce Integrity, we recommend Alidropship Platform.

Alidropship is one of the biggest ecommerce dropshipping platforms in the industry and we strongly recommend it to all our dropshippers because it is a trusted platform. A good dropshipping platform is responsive with all the needed tools you need to setup and run a profitable business. It also has a responsive support system to keep your business growing steadily.

You may start your Alidropship website in 2 easy ways. You have the options to buy:

  1. A Plugin or 
  2. A Custom Web Store – Highly recommended

Option 1: Buy Alidropship Plugin – What you get

Ecommerce Integrity recommends Alidropshi plugins

  • Plugin is a one time payment
  • Dropshipping WordPress Plugin with simple installation
  • Built in themes & full customization
  • Auto updating system to keep your inventory fresh
  • Full automation to make you money while you sleep

NOTE: If you buy a plugin, you will have to do your own website and upload it with products using your plugin. If you need help, please contact us via [email protected] so we can help you or provide the best guidance.

Option 2: Alidropship Custom Web Store – What you get

Ecommerce Integrity - recommends alidropship custom store

  • One time payment
  • Custom store built by our team of experts
  • Fully loaded with your niche products and ready for launch
  • Lifelong personal support and free updates on the go
  • Proven strategies to run and promote your new business – Add-ons

NOTE: If you buy the custom web store, you will get a complete dropshipping store built for you to start selling on the go. If you have questions, please ask via [email protected]

Take a look at the picture below and see more great features provided by alidropship platform. Apart from the Plugin and the Custom Web Store, you have Hosting, Add-Ons and Services. These are exactly the tools you need to perfect your dropshipping website and make it acceptable worldwide.

Ecommerce Integrity - Recommends Alidropship with more plugins

Step 3 – Register Your Payment Gateway – Stripe and Flutterwave


Now you understand how to register an LLC in the USA so lets dive into how to apply for a payment gateway. Two most flexible and uncomplicated payment gateway service providers we recommend are STRIPE and FLUTTERWAVE/RAVE. When registering with Flutterwave, chose USA as your country and do the same for Stripe registration. We recommend that, you use the two payment gateways because of our choice of dropshipping platform we have adopted here at Ecommerce Integrity.

Both service providers accept USA business documentation and so we recommend you connect both to your store to give your shoppers two different international card payment options, and in the event that, one service provider has technical issues, you will still be able to collect payment on your store uninterrupted. See below the registration requirement for Stripe, and at the end of the process you will have all these set for completing the process.

STRIPE registration requirement:

1. A bank account in US (In this case use your Payoneer Bank Account)
2. A Tax ID in US ( in this case your EIN – Business Identification Number)
3. A physical address in US (Business Address)
4.  A telephone number (USA Phone Number)
5. A government Issued ID (ID such us Passport from your Country where you come from)
6. A website or app that shows the products or services you’ll be selling through Stripe

Note: If Stripe and Flutterwave does not work in your country, you can still use their services provided you register your business as LLC in the USAAlways remember, you need your USA LLC business documents to register Stripe and Flutterwave. If Paypal works in your country you can integrate it to your store for receiving payments BUT if Paypal don’t work in your country, please do not force to use it via a proxy as some have recommended, else you will risk your money in bitter experience.  It is industry knowledge that, 60% of all sales collected on your stores worldwide comes from international credit card/mastercard/debit cards and so it is vital to follow the procedure outlined here to connect Stripe and Flutterwave to your store. 

Step 4 – Open Your USA Offshore Bank Account – Payoneer


Payoneer Bank Account recommended by Ecommerce Integrity

After registering your LLC in the USA, you must also open a USA bank account to enable you receive your earnings from these service providers. If you live in the US, you may not have difficulties opening a US bank account. For a non US citizen however, the story is different. One way people have managed to opened a USA offshore bank account is to appoint someone living in the US to be a member on the LLC at the time of its formation. The member must have SSN to qualify to open a bank account on behalf of the company. Another option is to use the services of Agencies that charge fees (mostly very expensive) to get your USA bank account opened. Though it is possible for such agencies to get the bank account opened, issues of trust have been reported with such transactions, for that matter we recommend to our site visitors to be careful in dealing with agencies with regard to this option. 

Note: Currently, US banks do not open bank accounts for foreigners, without the individual account holder(s) being physically present to sign papers at the bank, at least I know it is almost impossible. So which USA bank account do we recommend for non US citizens? We highly recommend Payoneer Bank  Account, this is free to open from your country location. 

Payoneer though falls under a virtual banking category, it provides an actual USA checking bank account that is fully functional. The account should be open as an individual bank account. Since Payoneer operates what is known as a Global Payment Services, it is your individual checking bank account details you will connect to receive payment from Stripe and Flutterwave. When you receive payment to your Payoneer bank account, you will decide to either transfer the money to your local bank account or withdraw it at ATMs globally using your Payoneer MasterCard. Below is Payoneer dashboard:

Payoneer USA bank account

Step 5 – Obtain Your USA Phone Numbers – Onesimcard

Ecommerce Integrity - recommends Onesimcard

Placing a USA phone number on your online store is essential for customer trust and confidence. For customer convenience, use toll free numbers that you do not financially burden your customers wishing to reach you. When it comes to selecting a phone service providers, most of them are not reliable. Others are just too expensive such that, ecommerce dropshippers and other online entrepreneurs are unable to use their services.

What is our recommendation when it comes to obtaining your USA phone numbers? We have always recommend that entrepreneurs use the service of Onesimcard. For one thing, Onesimecard is reliable in every senseWhen you place order for your Onesimcard, an actual SIM card is shipped to you no matter where you live on the globe. This is a GSM SIM card that works on any unlocked phone device. It comes in 3 in 1 SIM card namely Nano SIM, Micro SIM and Regular SIM.

In summery, Onesimcard gives you

  • Actual SIM Card
  • A Universal GSM SIM access
  • US and Canada Toll Free, VoIP enabled
  • Personal Extra Numbers (PENs)
  • USA – SMS for Bank and institutional verification, VoIP and SMS

The beauty of the Onesimcard service is that, no matter where you live in the world, you will receive incoming calls free of charge from US and Canada as well as any other country depending on the SIM card you have obtained.  There are more benefits than we can describe, so why not get your SIM card today and give it a try.


Step 6 – Obtain Your USA Business address – Clevvermail

Ecommerce Integrity recommends Clevvermail

You need one final important tool, that is your USA business address. You may decide to register an address in any state in the USA. But it will be logical to register your business address in the state where you registered your LLC. Get started here with Clevvermail and register your USA Business address.

Why choose Clevvermail for your USA Business Registered Address? They provide a real Physical Business address for your company and this is 100% legal.

You can use the address on all official company documents and you can register your company on those addresses with authorities.

Now everything you need to start your ecommerce dropshipping business is ready, so the final process must be completed – if you have not yet done so, please go ahead and set up your ecommerce dropshipping store.


Importing Products To Your Store – Dropshipme

Ecommerce Integrity - Recommends dropshipme products

Now your dropshipping store can be made by Alidropship Custom Store or one done using the Alidropship Plugin. Adding products to your store is an ongoing affair without it, your store will go nowhere. It is comforting to know that, your store is fully automated so as to help you add products by importing them from aliexpress marketplace.

If you can do the product importing yourself, you will feel like being in charge of your own store since you decide how the product description should appear on your store. When importing products, one aspect you will pay attention is the editing aspect, and that for most dropshippers, they wish someone more qualifies handles that aspect for them. So the question is what if you have edited products ready to be uploaded by just clicking a button? This is the solution Dropshipme has solved for many dropshippers. What is Dropshipme and how does it work?

Dropshipme for alidropship product importing

Dropshipme comes with its own plugin and when install, you have access to 50 products to be imported instantly free of charge. You may then decide to buy any dropshipme product package for importing. The best part is coupons are available:

The Dropshipme plugin ensures that your store have the best selling products with good product description at all times.